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Into the new year…

January 2018

We were delighted to announce the re-opening of the Tropical Village at the end of December following some major development works. Smaller developments and improvements are still ongoing and we hope have these completed by March 2018.

Some of our visitors may not realise that the Tropical Village is actually a registered Zoo and as a result we must commit to certain developments, linking to conservation and education. We began as a small collection of reptiles and have now grown tenfold over the last two years to become a popular visitor attraction.

The animals at Potter’s Tropical Village are not your usual domesticated animals but are animals that are nonetheless readily available to buy at pet shops or online. Our aim was to put together a collection of these animals to educate the general public on how challenging they are to look after, the size difference from juveniles to adults and the high standard of welfare they require in order to live and thrive. The animals in our collection now include fish, reptiles, birds, birds of prey, invertebrates, amphibians and insects.

We have been busy creating enclosures which replicate their natural habitats and therefore show a prospective owner the extent of the size of enclosure which is ideal. Mikey, our water monitor lizard now has a 20ft swimming pool!

We also hope to educate children and adults about the animals, their behaviours etc and ultimately inspire reptile keepers into creating fantastic vivariums for their pets. We would love to know what you think so far- don’t forget to tag us in your images online through our social media portals.

2018 looks to be an exciting year for the Tropical Village so keep watching for updates!

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